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Present Google Slides on the Go

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The easiest way to present your Google slide presentation is to prepare a button in your agenda. In order to learn how to present a Google slide immediately, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Slides you want to present in your Google Drive.
    Click on ‘File‘ and select ‘Publish to the web‘ from the drop-down menu. 
  1. A popup window will appear. Select ‘Embed‘ from the pop-up window and click ‘Publish
  1. Confirm your selection by pressing ‘OK
  1. Copy the embed link by right-clicking and selecting ‘Copy‘ or by pressing the ‘CTRL‘ and ‘C‘ keys.
  1. In the CircleSpace™️, open the tools menu and select “Share Document”. In the pop-up window, paste the embed or iframe link. In the Layout-Menu, you can determine whether you would like the document to be shown in portrait or landscape mode.
  1. Clicking on “Start Sharing” will open the presentation within the CirclesSpace for all participants.

NOTE: To have everyone more focused on the slides, you can hide your agenda (under Tools > Group Tools > Hide Agenda Bar for All)

  1. Each participant can independently navigate through the slides, so don’t forget to remind them what slide you’re on!
  2. To close the presentation for all participants, click the ‘X‘ on in the grey fields between your chat and agenda.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to “unpublish” your document from the web after your session, by clicking ‘File‘, then ‘Publish to the web‘, and then clicking ‘Stop Publishing‘.