A powerful suite of tools
all built on a core philosophy

As we’ve delivered program after program, we’ve baked the best practices into software.
Our platform makes it easy to design, launch and manage lots of Circles.

Circl.es Video Space™

A unique setting for inclusive dialogue

• Web-based video with 1-click participant access
• Built as a safe space
• 1:1 private links
• Encrypted media
• No recording or observation
• Integrated with Launchpad™️, Libraries™️ and Dashboard™️
• Mobile App coming soon

Circl.es Libraries

Easily store, manage, and inject content

• Private to your organization 
• Best practice templates shared across our community
• Text, Video or Interactive “Sparks” 
• Conversation prompts and structures
• Multiple session learning journeys
• Authoring tools to help format powerful sessions

Circl.es Dashboard™

• Analyze, track and improve as you go
• Setup and schedule circles
• Manage membership
• Integrated qualitative data from in-room typeform surveys
• Resources to help design, manage and run

Circl.es Launchpad™

Intentionally sort, match and schedule diverse peer learning groups

• Solves a scaling problem in large programs
• Invite participants in open or closed cohorts
• Algorithms organize applicants based on characteristics and stated preferences
• Schedule, confirm circles
• Coming Soon: APIs for HR systems, community management,  other databases

Ready to create authentic, human connection with Circles?

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In a world of physical distance, circles facilitate authentic human connection.

In a circle, 3-12 participants contribute equally, share openly, and push each other to act.

We spent years with academics and practitioners, honing best practices and building a technology platform. Our circles have helped scale peer learning, sustain manager and leadership development, move live training online, onboard new employees, support career development, teach collaboration, and build community.

We’ve been grateful for the support and the referrals from our large corporate partners, schools, and communities who have been hiring us to help design, facilitate and manage Circles programs.

In order to keep up with the interest in our system and technology, please help us understand your needs by answering a few questions.

Make human connections.

Complete this form so we can connect with you and share a Circl.es experience.

Make human connections.

Complete this form so we can connect with you and share a Circl.es experience.