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Here are some examples of partners that use the Circl.es System™️ with their own content and facilitation:

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute sponsors fellowships in many sectors, with a theme of moving mid-career leaders from “success to significance.” In 2020, unable to hold their annual conference in Aspen, 450 Fellows met for a week of powerful conversations, led by 39 Aspen moderators, on Circles. They are now combining Aspen’s curated content and  unmatched moderators with the Circl.es platform to scale this transformative experience and reach many more upcoming leaders.

“[Circl.es] enabled the moderators to have intimate, absorbing dialogues about issues of racial and gender inequity in this pandemic period with virtual hugs no less. Absolutely wizard.”
–Keith Burwick (age 90), Aspen moderator


The Ken Blanchard Companies have been equipping & inspiring leaders for decades with the most widely taught leadership model & flagship program SLII™.  Their suite of leadership & coaching programs are now powered by The Circles Peer Learning Platform to enable virtual group coaching, intact team accelerators & coaching, and facilitated or peer-directed digital learning journeys.  

“Online sessions must be engaging and memorable if they are to be transformative. Circles will enhance the interactivity of our comprehensive suite of digital offerings, enabling learners to make the most of each experience,” 
–Scott Blanchard, President of The Ken Blanchard Companies

LifeLabs Learning

LifeLabs Learning is a go-to resource for lab-based, research-driven leadership solutions that ignite ‘tipping point’ savvy leaders, powerful teams & inclusive organizations.  Inspired to offer ‘good in the world’ during times of immense change, LifeLabs Pops United Circles were formed as an avenue to connect People Ops People around the world with one another. 

We had a fantastic experience collaborating with the Circl.es team (and Circl.es is a seriously impressive platform). Our goal was to create rich learning experiences for our community and Circl.es made that happen!
– Robyn Long, Direct of Growth at LifeLabs Learning.

Millennium Forum

Millennium.org is building a community of teaching professionals that are passionate about social-emotional learning. They have content, experienced facilitators, and a deep understanding from research and practice that informed Millennium Forum. This program carefully matches teachers across North America into circles of eight that meet monthly to learn together and support each other. It has proven impact. (link to blog post about that) Millennium has also helped other educators, administrators, and communities create their own Circl.es programs.

“As an early Circl.es partner, we’ve seen the technology advance tremendously. The team’s top priority is helping us scale powerful, intimate, authentic forum spaces.”
– Jeff Snipes, Millennium.org founder

Executive Growth Alliance

EGA is global community of Open Committed Brave leaders who collaborate and share active learning to co-create future
opportunities. Using proven peer learning methodology, EGA Catalysts curate groups of 6-12 members who bring diverse global perspectives to common challenges. Through Exec Growth Circles, EGA groups are reinventing healthcare delivery; rethinking
mobility; shifting funding models and transforming organizational cultures, while developing new revenue streams and long term alliances.

“Thanks to EGA we have enhanced organizational agility, customer experience and growth through collaboration with diverse groups of global colleagues who share our commitment to be future-ready. Use of Circl.es brings humanity to digital
communication with people from around the world.”

– Ans Heirman, Merck MD