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Create Your Own Agenda

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At Circles, agendas run our sessions! With their easy and interactive design, their structure supports facilitation with minimal distractions.

1. Choosing Where to Create Your Agenda

There are two ways to create new agendas, either in the CircleSpace™️ or in the My.Circles dashboard. We’ll explain both methods below, and the tools you can use when creating.

2. Tools to Use When Creating Your Agenda:

3. Saving The Finished Agenda

  1. When you are done creating your agenda, click on “Save” at the bottom of the page. 
  2. After clicking ‘Save‘ you’ll be re-directed to the Agenda Library if you’re working from the My.Circles Dashboard. From here you’ll be able to see all the agendas in your Circle, browse other agendas from your organization, and also take a look at our Sample Agendas. You can easily access all options such as make a new agenda, make a copy, edit, or delete. Now, you are able to bring up your agenda in the CircleSpace™️.