Circles comes from the age-old tradition of storytelling and gathering as a community. The System™ enables the same kind of human connection, virtually. Our video space is perfect for hosting facilitated, inclusive sessions.  The unique setting and features shake small groups out of the day-to-day and into intentional dialogue about their most important challenges. Once a circle “jells” they continuously meet to apply and practice, engaging over months instead of days.


Organizations, communities and schools partner with us to go beyond presentations, formatting their content in a way that is interactive and engaging for small groups. The System™ guides this process. They either leverage our curated learning journeys off-the-shelf, or start with templates of best practices and modify to quickly construct custom programs. Circles range from one-time events to ongoing small group journeys that apply & practice skills, build trusting relationships and impact culture.


Our team has years of experience in the design, launch and implementation of custom virtual programs. We are able to manage a program from start to finish, or transfer that capability to an organization. The Circles technology platform sorts, matches and schedules diverse participants; drives consistently high-quality sessions; and measures results.  After design, a program is easy to replicate and scale. Participants become champions that launch future phases, catalyzing cultural & relational impact across your organization or community.

What is a Circle?

A small group, fewer than a dozen people

Helping each other in facilitated, inclusive dialogue

Content sparks their conversations; no long presentations

Often, a Circle meets every few weeks to deepen openness and accountability to each other.

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