We offer a suite of services to make it easy to launch a great Circles program.
Here’s some user stories we’re proud of to give you an idea of how this works:


Each year, Andy Billings, Electronic Art’s “VP of Profitable Creativity” picks a group of high-potential leaders from across the enterprise for an award-winning 1-year development program. Quarterly in-person workshops light the fires, and intentionally matched small groups explore themes and actual challenges together. The addition of Circles to the program allowed Andy and his program team to structure the small group sessions, measure results, and make it easy to support participant-moderators.

“The presents are the content and the wrapping are the relationships. So often after opening their presents, they just want to play with the boxes…”
— Andy Billings, VP of Profitable Creativity


Steve Krein has made investments in over 500 healthcare “moonshots.” As a veteran of Young President’s Organization Forum and Strategic Coach, he’s been trying for years to create forums of similar-stage leaders in his portfolio so they could help each other. He partnered with Circles in January, and 16 forums of 8-10 launched in February. Circles used our Launchpad technology and trained Steve’s crew to facilitate the sessions.

“You’ve ruined Zoom for me.”
– Steve Krein


Initially Circles solved for the problem, “after campus, then what?” OPM offers Owners and Presidents three weeks on campus each year for three years, where they live and work together in assigned groups of eight. Circles partnered with the OPM team to create a “Virtual Living Group” program, to make it easy for these leaders to meet during the rest of the year, applying concepts and supporting each other. When Covid hit, we stepped up our engagement, becoming the small group breakout rooms for case prep and other components during the virtual on-campus unit.

“Without the ability to foster connections on campus, is doing the job of the dorm, bar, and coffee break.”
– Chad Gordon, HBS Exec ED


Jumpcrew is a rapidly growing outsourced revenue generation company, based in Nashville, TN. Recruiting and retaining talent to scale quickly is essential to their success. The company has run multiple Circles programs for managers and individual contributors, and now reports benefits to employee engagement, collaboration, reduced churn and the overall culture.

“The most powerful use of time you could possibly have.”
– Jumpcrew Circles participant

What we provide

Program Design
Program Design

We can help you shape your subject matter into a full scale program, giving your people a deeper dive into whatever subject matter you choose. We can also help create Breakout Circles™ for more intimate conversations around the topics that need the most exploration.

Content Design
Content Design

Circles offers a wide range of libraries that include pre-made agendas, sparks for inspiration and prompts to begin the deeper conversations. But sometimes that is not enough. We can help create custom content for your circles that help meet your unique needs.

Training & Facilitation
Training & Facilitation

We offer a wide variety of training from Guide training to lighter touch training for your Circles. Our goal is for you to learn the Circles System™ and be able to facilitate and scale your own Circles.

Program Management
Program Management

We will handle all the logistics of managing your Circles. From scheduling a Circle to managing the people in each Circle, we can manage everything for you so you can focus on the bigger picture of your organization.


Through Launchpad™, our team will help ensure the seamless launch of your circles. We will organize your team or community into perfectly sized Circles, ideal for deeper conversations and equal talk time.

Analytics and data-driven strategy
Analytics and data-driven strategy

After each Circle, we survey your members to find out what went well and what needs improvement. Using this data we can help steer your program in the most effective direction.

The Impact

Continuous Learning

“On average, 83% of corporate program attendees are continuing to meet 6 months after a workshop. We know if takes sustained engagement and practice. With Circles, you show up and follow-through for your peers.”

Inclusion and Belonging

“This session underlines the incredible value (this) circle has. it shows how sharing like this can connect you more than anything else. I feel close to all of you and I really feel like I have a safe heaven here where I can share anything but will also be understood if its not the right moment to share all.”

Better Meetings

“We are having real heartfelt conversations”

Stronger Teams

“Although I consider our team to be very open with each other anyways – the office routine doesn’t allow for too much vulnerability exploration. It’s nice to have a safe space for that because I feel that it will make us an even stronger team.”


“It is just nice to talk out things with other people that you don’t work directly with, and talk through things that have been spinning in your mind”

Employee Expertise

“It was good to hear how others overcome some of the challenges we all face when bringing on new Agents/Advisors.”

Agile Decision Making

“I learned a better process for important decisions: slow down, solicit diverse perspectives, ad widen the options before narrowing down and calling it.”

Employee Development

“(This session) opened my mind to different perspectives on motivating others, and finding why performance lacks. It was invaluable hearing other perspectives and reading the article about how we can relate more to others and find the reasons why they’re not succeeding–at or outside of work.”

Employee Engagement

“Learning with and from one another inspires me indirectly on ways to get closer to those that I work with. I really want them to be their full and complete selves…”

Organizational Performance

“Connecting with other leaders was huge and very impactful.”

Ready to create authentic, human connection with Circles?