Becoming a B-Corp

Here’s a story about selling my previous business, M5 Networks. Anyone that worked at M5 could see how living by a mission and values mot…

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Is Your Team Having Conversations, or Sitting Through Presentations?

They may not have the wow factor of Guy Kawasaki evangelizing the heck out of Apple products on stage, but why should we be having conver…

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Why a Team Retreat Brings You More Than Just “Philosophical Wank”

Wait. What? Did he just say philosophical wank? Yes, exactly. One of my colleagues, who we shall call Franko for now, came up with the te…

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Circles Advisor Update: Learning and The Road Ahead

Dear Advisors: It has been a long time since I shared an update! I’m more determined than ever to make Circles happen. It might even help…

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8 Signs You Just Had A Great Meeting

What feeling do meetings transmit in your workplace? Sadly, when we ask a colleague how the day’s meeting went, we’re so often met with a…

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The Meta Journey Draft

This is an early draft design of a learning journey, our first one. All learners will take this journey. Below is an outline of each drop…

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We’re A Trend To Ride In 2017

The best tech initiatives this year have served as an aid, helping enhance our lives rather than distracting us from them. We’ve seen VR …

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Circles Meta Journey

In the first wave of testing Circles, we learned the limits of our learner’s ability to absorb content. We’ve tried to boil things way dow…

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Dan on The Year of the Peer Podcast

“It’s almost like there wasn’t really a language around peer groups, there wasn’t a narrative for it, they didn’t know really what it was…

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Show Up, and Open Up

Show up, and open up. It may sound simplistic, but that’s basically the recipe at Circles. The guided peer groups we run help you explore…

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In a world of physical distance, circles facilitate authentic human connection.

In a circle, 3-12 participants contribute equally, share openly, and push each other to act.

We spent years with academics and practitioners, honing best practices and building a technology platform. Our circles have helped scale peer learning, sustain manager and leadership development, move live training online, onboard new employees, support career development, teach collaboration, and build community.

We’ve been grateful for the support and the referrals from our large corporate partners, schools, and communities who have been hiring us to help design, facilitate and manage Circles programs.

In order to keep up with the interest in our system and technology, please help us understand your needs by answering a few questions.

Make human connections.

Contact us below to find out how.