Keep an Overview by Consulting Your History & Metrics

“Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” Ken Blanchard states. You agree? Great, because Circles makes it very easy for you to check up on the feedback and other metrics of your circles. Here is how you get an overview of how your circles are doing:

  1. Go to your My.Circles Dashboard. Click on “History & Metrics” in the top menu to open your Metrics overview.
  1. In the Data filters on top, select whether you want to see an overview of your circles’ attendance (as in the picture above), the average value ratings or the average facilitator scores that your participants left in the after session surveys. 

NOTE: You can read up on the surveys that feed this data here.

  1. You can also apply a specific date range to narrow down the data you want to look at.
  2. In the Organization Overview, between the Data filters and the data table you can see your Organization’s averages for attendance, value score and facilitator score.
  1. Click on one of your circles, listed on the left side of the table, to zoom in on the information of a particular circle.
  1. Clicking on “Session 1” or “Session 2” you can see even more information: Who spoke for how much of the time? What kind of feedback did people leave in the survey and which agenda was run during the session?

Bonus: You can also now easily download the feedback results to a .csv file by pressing the downward pointing area on right side of the table.