Elevate Your Team With Powerful Conversations

Ready to manage less and lead more? We’ve got you covered. Get ready to elevate your team by unlocking powerful conversations in The Team Table.

As a modern manager, you work hard to navigate new hybrid work modes, societal anxieties, and the ever-increasing need for team speed. Has your team lost the magical feeling from the last offsite? Does work feel more siloed than ever? Teams need a new way to quickly build trust and grow together, addressing issues before they fester.

The Team Table virtual experience enables managers like you to instantly host conversations that strengthen teams. Perhaps you’ve experienced something like it: a small, connected, trusting group of people pushing to be their best.

Rather than another training, tool, or video conference platform, The Team Table enables the big, breakthrough conversations we often avoid, conversations that, over time, move teams into a high-value zone where they open up, count on each other, and develop a clear, shared purpose.

We worked with and distilled best practices from management thought leaders and social learning experts like Harvard Business School, The Aspen Institute, and Young Presidents’ Organization. The result is an interface that creates a refreshing experience but also has the transformative capability to elevate team conversations to the next level.

Initially, we facilitate and demonstrate The Team Table, using our most popular “Conversations.” Once you’ve seen how it works, we leave and you take over.

The Team Table includes:

  • Interactive Agendas structured to support your most important team discussions
  • Conversation Tools built to facilitate equitable talk time and the flow of dialogue
  • An Automatic Process created to capture key challenges, takeaways and actions
  • Sparks and Prompts included to help connect and build the kind of trust your team needs to perform at their peak

In short: The Team Table builds trust through openness, accountability, and shared purpose.  Ready to try something different designed with your people in mind? Here’s how to experience our proven recipe:

Step 1: Reserve your Team Table for a 60- minute session with your team

Step 2: Watch for your invitation and Circles Guide introduction

Step 3: Answer a few easy questions via email or phone, depending on your preference

Step 4: Add your team to the invitation to experience The Team Table together

That’s it. We can’t wait to host you at The Team Table.

We’re Circl.es, a distributed team that believes that people live, work and learn better in circles instead of rows. That indeed, a small group of dedicated people is the only thing that changes the world. That if you want to change behavior, you don’t teach but give people a tool that changes them. That sometimes the best interface is a human face. That we’ve all got too many one-liners, and too few people actually apply this wisdom. Which is why more teams need The Team Table.