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When we have meetings in a real room together, we often pull out a piece of paper or start noting down lists on a whiteboard. Using Circles you can easily do so, too. On top of being able to quickly jot down thoughts, ideas, intentions, plans or to dos, the Notes feature helps you to keep track of them. Here’s how you can use the feature:

  1. The Notes feature lives in the text box in the bottom right of your CircleSpace™️. Each circle participant can open it any time by clicking on the ‘Notes‘ icon.
  1. Each member can add Notes, by typing in the bottom in the ‘Add Notes here’ section. The options to check-off notes as ‘done’, or change their order become visible by moving the mouse over a specific Notes item. Click on the circle next to the item name to check it off, or hover over the arrow icon and hold down the mouse button to move it.
  1. Via a button in your agenda, you can bring up your circle’s Notes in a media window in your CircleSpace™️.
  1. Checked-off items will disappear from your Notes four hours after the last person has left your CircleSpace™️. Items to still be completed, however, will remain on your list, so that you can continue working on them in future sessions. They remain on your list until checked off or deleted.
  2. For future reference, you can download your Notes:
    1. Go to the left-hand side menu by clicking on the three white bars on the top left of your Circles Space and select ‘Advanced
  1. Click on ‘Download Notes‘.