Are you worried about the next stage of your company or career?

Successful leaders know that alone they will fail

A circle is your own personal advisory board. The Circles platform carefully matches eight diverse peers who meet bi-weekly in a custom video room. Each member shares challenges and gets the benefit of experiences and feedback. 


Circles for Entrepreneurs

Running your business means problem solving, making decisions and learning-by-doing on a daily basis. Circles for Entrepreneurs connects you with peers who have experience with similar challenges. It’s like a personal advisory board helping each other solve problems.

Why Do So Many Business Leaders Have Peer Groups?

Over 100,000 CEOs and business owners spend more than a day each month with forums organized by Young President’s Organization, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Vistage and similar organizations. These groups cost $5,000 to $10,000 a year and up. Why?

Peer groups help members solve problems, save them from reinventing wheels, and amplify knowledge and networks. A peer group becomes something like workout buddies so you can overcome obstacles, stick with a program, and sustain change. Even though we are linked to more people than ever, we are increasingly isolated. Confiding in a group of peers is fulfilling even as it is worthwhile. It can connect friendship, learning, and earning.


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