Are you worried about the next stage of your company? Not sure where to turn for help?

Join a private group of like-minded founders to accelerate your company's growth as well as your own.


Circles for Entrepreneurs

Running your business means problem solving, making decisions and learning-by-doing on a daily basis. Circles for Entrepreneurs connects you with peers who have experience with similar challenges. It’s like a personal advisory board helping each other solve problems.

Why Do So Many Business Leaders Have Peer Groups?

Over 100,000 CEOs and business owners spend more than a day each month with forums organized by Young President’s Organization, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Vistage and similar organizations. These groups cost $5,000 to $10,000 a year and up. Why?

Peer groups help members solve problems, save them from reinventing wheels, and amplify knowledge and networks. A peer group becomes something like workout buddies so you can overcome obstacles, stick with a program, and sustain change. Even though we are linked to more people than ever, we are increasingly isolated. Confiding in a group of peers is fulfilling even as it is worthwhile. It can connect friendship, learning, and earning.

The Latest Blog Posts

Our early blog posts provide a look inside updates we’ve shared with our deeply experienced group of advisors who are engaging with Circles about the design of the product and company, peer group best practices and more.


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