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The Team Table is a virtual experience that elevates team health and productivity.

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What is Draining Your Team’s Potential?

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What is The Team Table?

Not another training, not another tool – it is time to try something different. Something designed with your people in mind. The Team Table is a virtual experience that unlocks the power of small groups and elevates team health and productivity, based on four legs:

  • CircleSpace™: A purpose-built environment designed to support inclusive high-trust and best of all, actionable team conversations.
  • Guided Facilitation Support: You’ll start your Team Table journey with four pro-guided sessions. Our expert facilitator will introduce you to CircleSpace, set team norms, and ensure you're confident to meet regularly, even without the guide. On-demand Circle Guides available if necessary.
  • Powerful Conversation Library: Engage your team in transformative dialogues with The Team Table Library. Bolster engagement, align goals, and strengthen team dynamics.

a. Navigate leadership transitions using New Leader Assimilation, to ensue new leaders are able to rapidly connect and create cohesion with their teams.

b. Dive deep into your team’s dynamics and pave the way for actionable insights with Employee Engagement Debrief and Action Planning.

c. Cultivate a respectful and informed environment as you tackle Sensitive Social Topics.

  • The Circles Framework: Each gathering is intentionally designed to workshop urgent challenges, facilitated through our tried and tested small group best practices. A Customizable Roadmap will help you curate the most important conversations throughout the year.

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Why The Team Table?

Managers face challenges with hybrid work, societal stress, and the demand for faster teamwork. Virtual events and tech tools fall short. Teams require a fresh approach for trust, problem-solving, and growth. Managers alone can’t do it; powerful conversations unleash a high-trust team’s potential.

At, we exist to help individuals & teams grow through high-value, small-group conversations. We are committed to fostering environments where leaders can connect, innovate, and thrive together.

We worked with and distilled best practices from management thought leaders and social learning experts like Harvard Business School, The Aspen Institute, and Young President’s Organization, to bring The Team Table to organizations.

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What Next?

  • Step 1 Book time with us to learn more, or reserve your free Team Table session.
  • Step 2 Let us take care of the logistics (calendaring) and facilitation.
  • Step 3 Bring your Team to the Table to connect, surface and workshop challenges, and leave refreshed after 60 minutes.
  • Step 4 Invest in The Team Table for a year of high-value conversations with your team.

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First Session: Free, No Commitment​

The Team Table

  • Software license
  • Access to conversations library

The Team Table Premium

  • Software license
  • Access to conversations library
  • 4 guided sessions
  • Concierge services

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About You & Us

Who are you?

A manager with ambition, and soul. Someone who revels in the glory of leading people to success. Who misses taking the team to dinner after work. Who wishes you had more time to coach. Who feels like the distributed team game is stacked against you. Someone who believes a company grows as quickly as its people grow. And who sometimes talks too much, but is working on that.

Who are we?

We’re, a distributed team that believes that people live, work and learn better in circles instead of rows. That indeed, a small group of dedicated people is the only thing that changes the world. That if you want to change behavior, you don’t teach but give people a tool that changes them in using it. That sometimes the best interface is a human face. That we’ve all got too many one-liners, and too few people actually apply this wisdom. Which is why more teams need The Team Table.

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The technical limit is 25, but that’s not the point. Experts agree that highly functional teams should be less than 12. For our experience to work as promised, everyone has to feel heard. In a virtual hour, that limits you. We do have some tricks, like breakout circles, to make do if you have a big group. believes that every leader should have an outside forum of peers to help them grow. This is different than a Team Table. We partner with some of the leaders in this movement, and from time to time even launch our own groups. For now, please email us at if that’s what you are interested in, and we’ll try to get you to what you are looking for.

Knock yourself out. We’re kind of curious actually to see what you do. But the team limit is 25 participants. You’ve got to set The Team Table. it isn’t ideal for quick-on quick-off chats like you can do with Slack Huddles. But once you are rolling, the space is always available to you and you are welcome to meet in it.

Yes, one of our best features is on-demand facilitation. There are some sensitive conversations that warrant professional facilitation, and it is nice to know you can have one for less than the price of a team dinner. Some companies buy packages of hours. But we are also more than happy to train your future Circle Leaders.

  • And a long list of amazing customers, including Glassdoor, HYAS, Activision Blizzard, HubSpot, Lloyd’s Register, Princeton University and more!

Usually not. This is a website you go to, not an app you install, and we store almost no data. Some companies do have restrictions, but we’ve seen it most often with large financial services or government institutions. We’ve passed screening at many major corporations and most others have simply waived us through.

Yes, but we strongly recommend all participants are stationary in a quiet place with good internet. A mobile user can be distracting, and remember – everyone participates. Would you have someone dial-in to your team dinner? 

Yes, but we only spend time testing and keeping up with Chrome, Safari and Edge since the others (Firefox, Opera, Brave, etc) are rare now.

Your first session is completely free. If you like the experience, and would like to schedule more sessions, you can purchase access to The Team Table for $5000 (includes one year CircleSpace + 4 guided sessions + 24 pre-loaded conversations).

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