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The Hug Feature

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At Circles, our mission is to foster human connection and create memorable experiences virtually. One of our favourite ways to do this is with the ‘Hug’ feature used in the CircleSpace™️. Read on to discover how to give a ‘Random Hug’, a ‘Group Hug’, or a hug to another participant.

One of the best ways to show your support to another participant in your circle is to give them a virtual hug, and this couldn’t be easier in the CircleSpace™️.

  1. Activate the virtual hug by clicking your mouse down in the center of the circle of the person you wish to hug, and holding for at least three seconds. This will cause all of the participants in the circle to hug the person you select.

The CircleSpace™️ allows you to not only show your support with a hug for another participant, but also for the whole group! You can trigger a Group Hug from the Tools menu on the right side of the room to bring the whole circle together.

  1. Click the Tools menu on the top right of the room above the agenda to open the tools menu.
  1. Go to ‘Reactions’ and there you will find the option ‘Give Group Hug’.
  1. All of the participants will move into the center of the circle for a group hug.

A ‘Random Hug’ (aka ‘Lucky Hug’) can be triggered from the Tools Menu – Reactions but can also be added as a button in the Agenda, which when pressed will choose a lucky participant at random to receive a hug from the other participants of the circle.

  1. To add this button to your agenda, click ‘Agendas’ above the agenda space and select ‘Edit Current Agenda…’ if you want to edit the Agenda that is currently displayed or ‘Open Agenda…’ and look for the Agenda you want to edit in the Agenda Library.
  1. Click the magic wand icon to add a button to your agenda page and select ‘Lucky Hug’.
  1. When you have saved the agenda, all you will need to do is click the button you have created. A random participant will then receive a hug from the other participants!