Grow together with your Global community.

At Endeavor, we are committed to helping you think bigger, scale-up, and ultimately pay it forward. A core part of how we do this is by welcoming you into a community of like-minded founders from around the world who share your ambition and values and have gone through the same process you have to get here.

We have built a place for you to belong

A collective experience where you’ll start to build meaningful relationships, and have a safe space to talk about the tough stuff that comes with being as great as we believe you are.

Three 90-minute sessions on Circl.es, a purpose-built online video platform for authentic human connection to deepen learning from the program by applying concepts at work.

A peer group of Endeavor Entrepreneurs who want to get to know you, an experienced Endeavor leader trained as a facilitator to help you get the most out of the experience and Endeavor’s network.

Fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs have said…

How it works

Endeavor Entrepreneurs Circles (EECs) meet in a confidential setting, following a proven process, inspired by and modeled on other executive peer support programs.

A trained Endeavor staff facilitator ensures high-value and deep sharing.

Join an intimate group of fellow recently selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs (EEs) in this online journey
 start growing your roots within the network.

The rules we live by

Simple ways to make this experience magical

Attend all 3 sessions of your EECs 

Respect sessions like you do your Board of Directors. Schedule and commit to attending your EECs sessions that will be scheduled.

Come Prepared

Attend each session in a quiet place with a computer with a camera and headset. Live support will minimize any potential issues that might distract the group.


What happens in the session stays in the session. Come to share, listen and discuss deep topics while confiding in your peers to keep everything safe and confidential.