Operations & Project Manager

We come together as a company, from Barcelona, Brooklyn, Saratoga Springs, Lake Oswego, Auckland, Buenos Aires, and more, to help other companies and communities create Circles.  Circles are small groups of people pursuing a common purpose, striving to be open with each other, and pushing each other to act. Facilitated dialogue propels them, deepening over time.

Circles aren’t a novel idea. We’ve studied and worked with hundreds of practitioners of all kinds of Circles, and our goal is to amplify their efforts, and spur on the movement – of Circles, not rows, already including intervision groups, Young Presidents’ Organization, the Aspen Institute, restorative justice practices, lean in, men’s groups and many more. We’re continually improving our system, platform and services, as we learn from our partners, participants, and from each other.

Key Responsibilities

At the core, Circl.es is in the business of making space for human connection. Making sure that our customers and partners experience a great implementation of just that is our main focus as PMs. Like very organized fairy godparents, we navigate them towards success. This includes relational, management, and administrative tasks, such as 

  • Establishing rapport and building a caring relationship with our customers and partners
  • Teaching them how to effectively use the technology and advising them throughout their implementation
  • Creating a project plan to track the progress (based on templates and customers’ needs) 
  • Seeing the project through, following up on its implementation, including updates to customer records, coordinating meetings etc. 
  • Monitoring the customers’ projects behind the scenes (e.g. reviewing data) and anticipating their needs
  • Consulting with other teams at Circles to make sure customers get what they need
  • Collecting customers feedback and data (e.g. via 1-1 interviews) to improve our product and services
  • Providing customer support, including live tech support via phone and chat and proactive outreach via email

You’re a good fit if

  • You’re based in Barcelona or Buenos Aires
  • Your English is at a professional level (high), and you have great verbal and written communication skills
  • You have great emotional intelligence and find it easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • You are diligent and enjoy providing excellent service
  • You are proactive and self-guided in finding solutions, consulting with others, and learning new skills
  • You’re a great team player, like learning from others and helping them to succeed
  • You are comfortable with using tech in general and have experience with the following tools:

    > email (can you update your email signature?);
    > Google docs / Word (do you know how to create and use templates?), 
    > Google sheets/Excel (ever used vlookup, If-functions or pivot tables?) 
    > Google drive
    > BONUS: Asana, Trello or similar PM tools
    > BONUS: experience with CRM systems
  • You appreciate flexible hours. Depending on the customers’ needs and time zone differences we work unusual hours at times. This job might require you to to work in the evening (i.e. 3 pm – 11 pm CET or 11am – 7pm ART)
  • You are willing to go the extra mile required when working in a start-up company and are open to doing different jobs that help the productivity of the team

Bonus points if you have experience…

(Not must-haves!)

  • Supporting, selling or building a technological product or service
  • Working in a startup environment
  • In the field of customer success, customer support, project management or operations
  • Working within the Human Resources or Learning & Development sector
  • Working with a Software as a Service model
  • In design or programming

What we offer

  • A team of motivated team-mates in Barcelona and Buenos Aires that love to really move and shake things together and also makes room for human connection and learning
  • Flexible working hours. A customer appointment might mean a late night, but this also means that you might get to visit your grandma in the morning, weed your garden at midday, or pick up your kids from school. We are focused on getting work done – when and where is up to you
  • The opportunity to work with an international team of experienced entrepreneurs that are passionate about pushing peer learning to a new level and helping people across the globe to have more meaningful, and effective conversations
  • Competitive compensation and the opportunity to grow with the company

At Circles, we focus on human connection and are convinced that we can learn more from inviting diverse perspectives. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a safe environment and are looking for motivated team members independent of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age.