HBS CircleSpaces

Small group work –  discussion groups, action learning groups – is core to the HBS learning experience. They provide a deliberate space for peers with different experiences and viewpoints to broaden perspectives and deepen their confidence. Strong relationships form that last well beyond the program. 

The CircleSpaces platform replicates these powerful experiences, virtually.

What are HBS CircleSpaces?

When executive ed participants attend programs on the HBS campus, 8 participants share a living room and form a learning group. With the help of some structure, coaching and action learning assignments, the intentional diversity of the group becomes a strength. They learn from each other and push each other. A CircleSpaces program replicates this popular element of the HBS experience online.

How It Works

Each session is designed for impact and efficiency. Live facilitators can guide the interactions

The experience takes place in a purpose-built space that shakes people out of their daily mindset as if they were on campus

Unique technology makes it easier to organize groups and measure outcomes

These highly engaged groups continue learning between and after modules, applying concepts to actual challenges. Along the way, leaders get better at facilitating inclusive, trusted, dialogue themselves.

A typical Program timeline

A space to connect

CircleSpaces comes from the age-old tradition of storytelling and gathering as a community. It enables the same kind of human connection, virtually. The video space is perfect for hosting facilitated, inclusive sessions. The unique setting and features shake small groups out of the day-to-day and into intentional dialogue about their most important challenges. Once a circle “jells” they continuously meet to apply and practice, engaging over months instead of days.

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