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Who are the people behind circles?

Good question! Have a look here

What are the topics that will be addressed during the meetings?

 Each circle defines the topics they want to address and each member will have their own personal challenges and goals. Sometimes, a circle decides to sign up for external courses that have a fixed curriculum. More often though, the group will create the curriculum in real-time to address common or specific challenges.

 Members also share resources with each other in a private online forum. And the guide and Circles team share pieces of content relevant to your issues. But this is not about academic learning. You work on real challenges, professional and personal. You will learn how to do things better, ways to move quicker and how to get more done with less trial and error. And by applying best practices from learning science, we will help make sure that the skills and learnings you cover stick.

 Over time, some of the circles move together into new but related themes such as communication skills, giving presentations, storytelling, persuasion or active listening. The list of themes goes on, including strategy, design thinking, popular technologies, negotiations and more. 

Who will the other members of the circle be?

We spend a lot of time on finding the right peers for each circle. We match them using several criteria, including basics like age, gender, location, and most importantly, their shared challenges.

This means that you will likely be in a group with people who run a business similar in size and stage as yours and who are concerned about the same issues and challenges as you.

What is the duration of the circle?

The lifetime of a circle is determined by the circle itself. Some last for 8 months, while others may go on to last for years. We ask that all participants commit to at least 16 weeks with their circle. This is vital to the success of the circle and the value received by the group.

Who will be guiding my circle?

At circles we recruit and train our own guides. Taking into account the background, common challenges and learning goals of a circle, a guide gets assigned to that circle. So that you have all of the relevant details before the start of your circle, more specific information regarding your guide will be provided. For an overview and some brief info about our guides you can check out this page

How much does it cost to join a circle? 

Price varies depending on the circle. Read more here.

What payment methods do you accept? And when will you bill?

All payments are processed through Stripe, an external payment processor. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We cannot accept payment through Paypal or bank transfer at this point. 

The first payment is processed after your first circle meeting. You can cancel at any time.

Can you explain how the deposit works?

Once you join a paid circle you will be required to leave a deposit, equal to the monthly fee, to guarantee your seat. As you continue your circle, the deposit will be used as payment for your second month. We will then continue to bill your credit card in the beginning of each month for as long as your membership is active. 

Is this a training expense that my company can support?

Many companies see peer groups as a training expense. We are happy to supply you with more information as well as issuing invoices. Contact us at or through the chat box on this page.

Can I try a meeting before paying? 

You are not billed until after the first meeting so you can see for yourself how useful and helpful it can be. You can try out the first session without having to commit.

Is there an option to observe a session?

No. All circles are private and confidential conversations where only the members of the circle are allowed to join. 

Can I be in the same Circle as a friend/relative?

Although we understand it is nice to be with someone you know, our hope is to create a connection between people that haven’t met before. In order to stimulate storytelling and the sharing of experiences we therefore prefer a group of ‘strangers’ that goes on to bond during the 16 weeks.

I am not able to commit to all sessions upfront, can I still join?

Circles truly jell and become powerful when all participants show up and contribute. Of course it is possible that, due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to miss a session. However, if you have serious doubts as to whether you can commit to the bi-weekly meetings, then Circles may not (yet) be the right place for you.

Can I cancel my participation and get a refund if I’m not happy?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and request a refund if you are not happy.

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