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The Circles Guides

Our guides have a broad skillset, their expertise is in helping a group to jell and encourage each other towards growth. Their core efficiencies include:

Experience with group dynamics - whether through teaching, coaching, facilitating, or managing a team.

Comfortable with being uncomfortable, and being around others who may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable.

Familiarity with technology, the online world, and being connected and available on a daily basis.

Does this sound like you? Then join us! Here's what we're looking for... 

Kim Weinberg
Kim has over 25 years of experience in executive and leadership coaching, group facilitation, and organizational consulting. She is the founder of Coach In Motion, LLC, a Washington, D.C. area based coaching and consulting firm.
Courtney Emerson
Courtney is Co-Founder & COO of the All In Together Campaign, a non-profit committed to empowering women to drive meaningful change. She brings a background in social learning and mentorship, and her skill at empowering learners, to Circles.
Bob Halperin
Bob is a Certified Forum Facilitator at YPO and Chairman of the Academic Board at Emeritus. He brings that amazing forum experience, high academic standard and business know-how to his role in creating the best learning environment possible at Circles.
Mike Blumenfeld
Mike is an Executive Coach  working with entrepreneurs who are open to exploring new and different alternatives to grow their business profitably. He helps people learn by looking at the bigger picture, a trait that helps him fit seamlessly into his role as Circles guide.
Elaine Beth Cohen
Elaine is a Life Coach. She runs a practice called Big Heart that helps people make powerful shifts in their lives, resulting in profound joy and fulfilment. Her expertise in changing people's stories is brought to life at Circles where she guides people to better lives.
Niro Alexander
Niro is CEO of COREtex Education, an organization that leads the way in redefining the modern classroom in part by creating and implementing virtual learning solutions. His experience with creating powerful virtual learning environments is a valuable asset for Circles.
Anna Lindow
Anna is passionate about helping organizations and the rising talents within them grow. Her expertise in personal and professional development is displayed regularly in her feature pieces for media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, something she is happy to share with you at Circles.
Renita Kalhorn
Renita Kalhorn used to have the fascinating job of helping aspiring Navy Seals to train their minds in preparation for their roles. She now implements that experience in helping entrepreneurs master their psychology and maximise their impact. She brings these tactics and team-building strategies to Circles.
Jonathan Hefter
As well as being a founding team member of Circles, Jonathan is Lead Guide, which means that he oversees the training as well as the implementation of our guide program. He is Founder of Witness Circle Coaching and brings his background in Rites of Passage work to Circles.