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The Circles Guides

Our guides have a broad skillset, their expertise is in helping a group to jell and encourage each other towards growth. Their core efficiencies include:

Experience with group dynamics - whether through teaching, coaching, facilitating, or managing a team.

Comfortable with being uncomfortable, and being around others who may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable.

Familiarity with technology, the online world, and being connected and available on a daily basis.

Does this sound like you? Then join us! Here's what we're looking for... 

Courtney Emerson
Co-Founder & COO, All In Together Campaign
Bob Halperin
Bob helps companies, business schools, and associations design and deliver innovative, impactful leadership development programs.
Mike Blumenfeld
Mike works with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products and services and who are open to exploring new and different alternatives to grow their businesses profitably.
Elaine Beth Cohen
Elaine works with people to make strategic and powerful shifts in their lives that result in profound joy and fulfillment.
Niro Alexander
Niro has over 14 years of total experience in, among others, running a business, teaching & learning and mentoring.
Anna Lindow
Anna is passionate about helping organizations and people grow.
Renita Kalhorn
Renita is passionate about helping visionary leaders build high-impact organizations.
Jonathan Hefter
Jonathan Hefter is the lead guide at Circles