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Circles are a tried-and-true practice in the professional development community. Our early partners have circles at the very core of how they support leaders: examples include Harvard Business School’s Living Groups, Young Presidents’ Organization’s Forum, and The Aspen Institute’s Fellowship.


We are excited to bring together exceptional women who are leading teams, and exploring inclusive practices to enhance team dynamics and performance.  Purposely curated circles of eight women will gather to share their stories, challenges and best practices in leadership, connecting with one another in the only virtual space designed to nurture more equitable and inclusive teams. 

Join other Women Leaders to share stories and challenges, network, and learn.

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Together with your peers, you will have the chance to co-create sessions based on what’s most important to you. From urgent business challenges to personal struggles and opportunities, Leadership Circles leverage the power of peers to create a safe and challenging space to connect and grow together.

And join your Women in Leadership session for free!

what will the session look like?

Depending on the group, and the challenges shared in advance, our trained Circl.es guide will prepare  a meeting agenda that will support a fruitful discussion. Generally, a session agenda looks some thing like this:  

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Explanation of the purpose of the session

3. Discussion and sharing, based on a spark (e.g. an article, video, quote)

4. Takeaways

There is no need to prepare anything in advance. The session time will be spent on your actual challenges, so any work you do will be up to you and directly relevant to your “work” work. 

And join your Women in Leadership session for free!


Join with other Women Leaders to experience a brand new approach to managing, learning and connecting.  Spoiler alert – this is not another tactical Zoom, training program or networking session… just get ready to be fulfilled and have fun!

There is one session scheduled for you to join an upcoming 60-minute Women in Leadership Circle:

Spaces are limited, so register now with your date of choice, and we’ll save a spot for you!

And join your Women in Leadership session for free!

What do others say?

To read more about how the program has developed check out this article.


Circles are small groups gathering regularly for meaningful, facilitated conversation, creating community across an organization. Participants connect and grow together as their conversation bridges gaps and uncovers learning opportunities, which fosters engagement, belonging and trust.

Most organizations start by using the CircleSpace platform and services to layer inclusive social learning into leadership development, onboarding, DE&I or group coaching programs. Companies like Glassdoor and DuPont have gone on to deploy CircleSpace widely to cross-pollinate ideas, mend rifts and silos, and support wellness. At the Aspen Institute and Young Presidents Organization, circles are the beating heart of their learning communities.

Along with our partners, clients, and growing community of practice, we are working to bring out the best in humans in #circlesnotrows.

Joining a Women in Leadership Session is free of charge.

Women Leaders who have participated in a Circl.es experience or been nominated, and have a desire to connect and grow with organizational leaders doing similar work.

Circles Learning Labs has built technology that makes it easy to scale a consistently great circle experience virtually. The warm and welcoming video space itself has purpose-built features that easily facilitate inclusive and engaging dialogue. Our platform, process, and people are intentionally built to engineer for impactful small group conversation.

Years of hardening has made the space reliable. Overwhelmingly, companies have no issue with our videospace – it is just a website. It is built for confidential and secure conversations. We’ve passed rigorous security checks from some of the world’s largest companies. However, from time to time institutions restrict outside websites and do need to white list us. If that happens, the easiest answer is usually to connect from a personal device. Otherwise, we are glad to instruct your IT department how to quickly unrestrict circl.es.

No. The session time will be spent on your actual challenges, so any work you do will be up to you and directly relevant to your “work” work. Your faciliator and other engaged participants often recommend reading and other resources to each other that you might want to check out.

After joining a Circles Leadership session, you’ll be invited to the Circles Leaders Community.
By joining with others in the same effort, you’ll unlock the opportunity to share challenges, questions, stories, best practices, articles and ideas, all in the ongoing practice of creating unique spaces for impactful small group conversation in your organization and non work life. Together we’ll deepen the power of peer learning with a brand-new community aspect to Circles’ mission and purpose.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to bring this experience back to your own team to improve the way you work together day to day.

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