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What is the Circles space?

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The Circles space is where you can meet up with circle for a whole-group session, or just catch up with some of its members. The interactive video conferencing space is always there for you to use. It offers science-based technology that is built to support more inclusive conversations. Check out what it looks like in this video:

Interested to start creating a space for your own group of people? Organize your own circle in 4 easy step.

In a world of physical distance, circles facilitate authentic human connection.

In a circle, 3-12 participants contribute equally, share openly, and push each other to act.

We spent years with academics and practitioners, honing best practices and building a technology platform. Our circles have helped scale peer learning, sustain manager and leadership development, move live training online, onboard new employees, support career development, teach collaboration, and build community.

We’ve been grateful for the support and the referrals from our large corporate partners, schools, and communities who have been hiring us to help design, facilitate and manage Circles programs.

In order to keep up with the interest in our system and technology, please help us understand your needs by answering a few questions.

Make human connections.

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