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At some point during a session, you might want to show your fellow participants something on your own screen. Luckily, it is very easy to share your screen with the people in your Circles session:

  1. Open the left-hand side menu, by clicking on the three white bars in the upper left of the Circles space.
  1. Toggle on the Screen share.
  1. Select which part of your screen you want to share; the easiest option is to share your entire screen. To do this, click on the picture of your screen, then click the ‘Share‘ button below.
  1. The icon in the middle of the Circles space tells you that you are sharing your screen, as well as the small bar at the bottom of the screen. Your fellow participants can see what you see on your screen in a pop-up media window.
  1. To stop sharing your screen, simply click ‘Stop sharing‘ in the little bar on the bottom of your screen, or in the icon in the centre of the Circle Space

Following all the steps correctly and still can’t share your screen? Check out this article on how to fix your problem.

Share your Screen and See Circle Participants at the Same Time

You may wish to be able to see and interact with the other members of your circle while you are sharing your screen. The following steps will demonstrate how to do this. NOTE: This process does not work on Safari, but will work with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  1. Position the window you wish to share and the window with the Circle Space side-by-side on your screen.
  1. In the Circle Space, toggle screen sharing to ‘On’ in the menu on the left of the room.
  1. In the window that pops up, select to share a ‘window’ (on the top), then select the image of the window you want the other participants to see. When ready, click ‘Share’ to start sharing.

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