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Learn About the Features of the CircleSpace™️

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The CircleSpace™️ creates a unique environment tailored to create space for important, meaningful, and authentic conversations. This article shows 4 great ways to learn more about how to use the features of the CircleSpace™️:

  1. Introduction to the CircleSpace™️ click tours
  2. The One Minute Feature Tour
  3. Our Video 
  4. The Circles Resources Center

1. Introduction to the CircleSpace™️ click tours

We have created specialised click tours for facilitators and participants to learn about the CircleSpace™️ and how to use it in a fun and interactive way before you even get onto the platform. Go to this article to start the brief tour. Feel free to share this with friends and colleagues!

2. One Minute Feature Tour

Come into the room to familiarize yourself with the features of the CircleSpace™️. Once you are in the CircleSpace™️, you can take a one minute feature tour. The tour opens automatically upon entering the space for the first time.

In case you want to start the tour later, click on the three white bars in the top right corner. In the control panel that opens up, click on ‘Advanced’. Then select ‘Tour’.

3. Our Video

Another way to get an impression about the CircleSpace™️ is to watch our video right here:

4. The Circles Resource Center

Here, in the Circles Recource Center, you can find articles on the all features of the CircleSpace™️, like the cursor functions, the text box functions, and the agenda, too.