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How to Allow Camera and Microphone Permissions in Mozilla Firefox

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When entering a Circles session for the first time, your browser will ask your permission for Circles to use your microphone and camera. Below you can see the steps to allow Circles to use these if your browser is Mozilla Firefox.

  1. When you first enter your Circles session, Firefox will prompt you to allow Circles to use your camera. Click ‘Allow’ to give your permission, and tick the box next to ‘Remember this decision’ if you do not wish to be asked the next time you access your circle.
  1. Firefox will then ask your permission to use your microphone. Repeat the above steps to allow the use of your microphone during the session.
  1. Finally, Firefox will repeat these questions once more; continue to click ‘Allow’ and ‘Remember this decision’ in order to progress to your session.
  1. If you accidentally click ‘Don’t Allow’, don’t worry! This is easily fixed. Navigate to the URL address bar and click on the camera icon. This will bring up a list of allowed and denied permissions.
  1. Next, click on the ‘X’ icon next to the microphone and camera permission to remove your prior choice. You will then need to refresh the page for the changes to take effect. This will reset the permissions and you will be asked again to give your permission for Circles to use your camera and microphone.