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At Circles, agendas run our sessions! With their easy and interactive design, their structure supports facilitation with minimal distractions.

Watch this video on how to create and agenda on My.Circles or keep reading:

Agendas on the My.Circles Dashboard

  1. Go to your My.Circles Dashboard. Log in and select the “Agendas” tab on the top of the page.
  1. An overview of all your available agendas will open. Here you can find a set of sample agendas that are easy-to-edit templates. To view their respective table of contents, hover your cursor over the name.
  1. To make changes to an agenda, click on “Make an editable copy.”
  1. The copy will then show up in your list of agenda templates further down.
  1. Click on the name of any agenda to edit it. 

Create your own agenda

  1. Click on “+ Create a new agenda template.”
  1. You will be prompted to decide whether your agenda should be available to all of your circles, or a specific one. Select the option you need under “Assign this agenda to a circle.”
  1. Next, name your agenda template. We call it a template because it can be edited at any point! You can also add a description of the agenda.
  1. By clicking “Continue,” you will arrive at the second and final step – the agenda creation. You can use our pre-made plays or create your own.

Use an Existing Agenda Play

  1. Check out the pre-made plays by clicking “Add page.”
  1. A window opens where you can choose and preview the different options.
  1. If you decide to use a pre-made play, click “Insert page.” 

NOTE: The instructions in purple are meant to help you understand how the play works, they will be taken out before using the agenda. 

Create Your Own Page 

If you want to create your own page from scratch, add a blank page and follow these steps:

  1. Add a title to your current agenda page.
  2. Choose a duration if you want it to show up in your progress bar. This can help you keep time during the session! 
  1. Write the body text. You can use various useful functions:
  • Adapt the font size
  • Select a heading style (we recommend using H2 within the body)
  • Write something in bold, cursive, underlined or strikethrough
  • Make a numbered list or bullet points
  • Add a hyperlink 
  • Insert a picture (click on the image and insert the image URL)
  • Change the color of the font or background
  • Remove formatting
  • Add a button 

NOTE: Adding an image works best when you first paste it into a text document, adjust its size, then copy and paste it directly into the body of your agenda.

Add buttons to your agenda page

One of the most beloved features of the Circles space is the agenda buttons. They make it very easy to run an agenda by simply clicking on them. 

  1. To add a button to your agenda, click the magic wand symbol and select what kind of button you want to add.

Our buttons include the following functions:

  • Play audio allows you to select music from our prepared list.
  • Random order assigns a number to each person’s video stream to determine who speaks first, second, third and so forth.
  • Start timer shows a stopwatch in the top right corner of your Circles space so you can measure time.
  • Lucky hug makes all video streams move towards one person, giving them a virtual hug.
  • Choose song and choose video allow you to play a song or video from YouTube.
  • Share document allows you to share any kind of media from the web in the Circles space.
  • Group survey opens our survey in the Circles space. You can see the results on your My.Circles Dashboard under “Metrics.”
  • Notes shows all the session’s items or actions, either as a window in the room or in the agenda space.
  1. Once you have selected the type of button you want to add, it will show up in your agenda.

NOTE: Notice that you can change a button’s name by simply starting to type into it.

Agenda Table of Contents

  1. To see an overview of your entire agenda, click “View Table of Contents.”

A full overview of your agenda and assigned total time will pop up.

In this example, notice that the two slides “Just a little note” and “References” do not have a time assigned to them.

  1. When you are done creating your agenda, click on “Save and publish” at the bottom of the page. Now you will be able to bring up your agenda in the Circles space.

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We’ve been grateful for the support and the referrals from our large corporate partners, schools, and communities who have been hiring us to help design, facilitate and manage Circles programs.

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