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Add an Audio or Music Button to Your Agenda

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Music is a great way to connect people. Doing a guided breathing exercise can center us, while being together and a happy tune can accompany us while reading or brainstorming. Are you ready to add some music to your Circles sessions? Here is how you do it:

  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to show by clicking ‘Share’ underneath the video.

  1. Click ‘Copy’ next to the link.

  1. In your My.Circles agenda editing space, click the magic wand icon to display a list of possible button functions.

  1. Click ‘Choose song’.

  1. Here you will be prompted to:

a) Enter a title for the button. This will appear as the text within the button.
b) Enter a URL  (YouTube link): Enter the video URL that you copied earlier.

  1. Click ‘Save’. You’ll now see the button appear within your agenda space.

  1. Click ‘Save’ once you’re happy with the agenda page.

  1. To play the song in the Circles meeting space, click the button you just created. To pause the song, press the button again.

*NOTE* Add buttons like this to your agenda, while you are in the CircleSpace™️ the same way. Check out step 5 of this article.