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The Circles System makes it easy to connect in small groups for transformative, real-time, social learning. This allows you to provide all the essential leadership, team and cultural development programs a company needs for a fraction of the usual cost. You can customize, and invent your own. All programs boost trust, engagement, cross-functionality, idea flow and even wellness.  We are experts in small group dynamics, and can deliver first as a managed service, so there is almost zero work for your team.

Humans are at our best in small groups. 

CircleSpace Programs

We’ve designed all the essential programs you need to scale a strong culture. Our community is constantly helping us improve them and add new ones. If time is short, we can deliver any of these as a fully managed program, help you customize, or support your team.

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Or build your own … the content-light nature of a program makes it easy for anyone to customize and design experiences for small groups. We offer support and training, but our tools help CircleLeaders create prompts, sparks and structures that foster powerful conversations. Your designs are reusable, ideal for recurring sessions. Maybe you’ll get as hooked on chosing opening and closing music as we are!

What does a Program Include?​

The Circles System

How does it work? Circle Spaces, Programs and Leaders enable these transformative experiences to scale: Ask for details


 CircleSpace is a unique, browser-based, virtual video platform that fosters human connection. It works by getting people out of their day-to-day setings and applying research-based best practices to manage conversational energy, timing and flow. It is built for highly secure, confidential, conversations and usually requires no I.T. review – it is just like going to a web page or using an external video conference service. A dashboard helps you manage your programs and analyze results.

Circle Leaders

We have professionals on-demand, but some of your people will quickly rise to become badged circle leaders. As they gain confidence with the basics of small group dynamics, they’ll take this with them to other spaces. This infuses your organization with facilitative leadership. It also allows you to add more programs and reach more people for less.

CircleSpace Programs

The program kit means that your leaders show up and guide the group through a transformative experience, with little pre or post-work. The structure unlocks their connection and wisdom. In addition to the small sparks of information included in the program, they begin to share relevant resources, curating the internet for each other.

Pricing: Service Makes It Easy, Technology Makes It Scale

When we first work with an organization, we usually start with a Managed Program. This ensures the right foot. Either our professionals facilitate, or we train your people out of the gate. We typically start with a designed program or at least a templates, although some organizations opt to build customized programs right away.. For first managed programs, our pricing is straightforward.

Most clients start with 25-100 people in the first program, investing $10-25K before continuing the journey to building their own capacity. There are starting points as low as $2500.

Managed Program

Example 3-session Cost/Participant

Your Circle Leaders

Example 3-session Cost/Participant


Example 3-session Cost/Participant

Many organizations think in terms of monthly cost/participant. Coaching can run $150 – $500. Workshops that start at $50. Peer learning experiences drop to around $10, once you climb this fast learning curve.

A Small Group Strategy: our theory of change

Distributed work, hierarchy, anxiety, and polarization have eroded trust at work. Technology has made it too easy to form large, dehumanizing, companies or online communities. The impact is disengagement, quitting, stymied idea flow, avoiding important discussions, diminished sense of team, even loneliness and health issues. 


CircleSpaces™ easily adds social learning to leadership, team, or cultural development programs.  Some program participants then earn Circle Leader™ Badges, enabling you to quickly drop the cost to a low software licensing fee. Once you see and feel how small groups improve programs, you can add CircleSpaces to more programs, build more Circle Leaders, and eventually take over administration from us. The infusion of positive small group dynamics will transform your culture.

More Resources

To understand more about how CirceSpaces can build community in your life, we have a library of short, science-backed, white-papers:

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