The OPM Network is a private community of HBS OPM graduates

Keep up the connection, deepen the learning, and contribute your wisdom to make this community strong.

  • We love learning; Even though we are all extremely busy doing stuff, we make space for our own growth and the OPM Network makes this easier
  • We need each other. We have a great deal to offer each other, OPM Network maintains our deep ties
  • We are global, OPM Network helps connect diverse leaders with shared interests
  • We lead; we make a difference in the world, OPM Network helps us help each other do that wisely

Continue to leverage the unique OPM experience in a structured, organized community that revisits vital OPM themes and content, while also making space for your urgent and important challenges and opportunities.


A Directory and Profiles for OPM’rs in your class and others, invitations to organized chat groups for relevant topics

Invitations to regular webinars, events and reunion information, plus access to shared learning resources

Offers to join premium “circles” organized by class, industry, geography, or topical interest, and facilitated by professional guides.



All OPM graduates will be offered the exclusive opportunity to join the OPM Network Community.

After completing the registration form, your profile will be verified and you’ll receive an invitation to join the online community platform and WhatsApp group.

Members will automatically be added to sub-groups based on preferences indicated in the registration form.

After having joined the community, members can decide which events they’d like to attend.


The OPM Network Community was created and is governed by a steering committee. Members of this committee and advisors of the community include:

Fabio Campos Mello

Managing Partner Campos Mello Advogados and Class Representative of OPM 55

Gela Gallardo

Class Representative of OPM 53

Michele Kearney

Director at Sepam, Class Representative of OPM 50 and Reunion Chair

Nicholas Holdcraft

CEO & President at Expondo and Class Representative of OPM 57

Omiros Sarikas

Managing Partner Brookstreet Equity Partners and Class Representative of OPM 54

Orime Fujira

Class Representative of OPM 52

Chad Gordon

Director OPM, Harvard University.

Jackie Baugher

Director Emeritus of OPM

Lynda Applegate

Professor, Harvard Business School.

Bob Halperin

President, Alumni Forum Services, YPO Certified Facilitator, former Managing Director, Custom Programs, Harvard University.

Dan Hoffman

Founder & CEO,

Dan Ryan

The OPM Network community manager.


The OPM Network supports the continuation of your OPM learning beyond graduation to foster our community. For years, class chairs and secretaries have generously worked in silo’s to keep their cohorts engaged, run webinars, plan reunions and faciliate conversations. They have independently coordinated with the school. Alumni have missed out on many chances for cross-cohort collaboration. We are building the OPM Network to support the almost 10,000 strong global OPM graduates and make it easier to continue the journey together.

The OPM administration and Alumni office are supportive of the OPM Network as an independent organization. They are not funding it or governing it, but we are closely coordinating. As the Network grows, it will benefit the school by helping organize this alumni community and offer the ability to coordinate touch points and requests for resources. For example, from time to time faculty attend webinars and reunions – having a single network will help rationalize these requests.

The OPM Network is run by OPM’rs with the help of Circles Learning Labs, Inc. It is not a formal school program or fundraising avenue.

After completing the registration form you’ll get full membership to the community. You can reach out to members directly, join group conversations or ask our in-house concierge to create connections for you. Additionally, community members will be offered the option to join events and programs.

The Network began a pilot phase in 2021 and began full operations in 2022. We anticipate several hundred of the approximately 600 OPM’ers graduating this year will join, at which point we will open enrollment to past classes.

No. Joining the OPM Network Community is free for all OPM Alumni. Some of the events and premium programs will be offered in exchange for a fee.

Yes you can cancel any time and refunds are available only for cancellation after the first session.

Circles Learning Labs, Inc (Circles) is an independent company on a mission to grow learning communities across the world. Circles has worked with the OPM program for three years to test, build and deliver the Virtual Living Group component of the OPM program. They are supporting the technology and management of the OPM Network for free, and will pay for this by offering premium small group experiences to members and being available to support their efforts to build community within their companies. More information here.