Welcome, Leader

Congratulations! You’ve completed a year of Forum, one of the most powerful leadership development experiences on the planet. You have a jelled group, poised to take the next step. There is another level to the game. Most YPO member Forums last for years, supporting each other through major business, career, and life changes. That’s possible here.


Oct - Nov 15th
> All active members can renew for year two
> At retreat and meeting 10, reflect and prepare intentions for year two
> Renewing Forums schedule January session
Nov 15th - Dec
> New candidates nominated for Forums that are adding members
> KAF team considers any requests to change Forums
> Forums will review any suggested new members to identify issues before we invite them
> Renewing Forum members will set their dates for January
Orientation sessions for new members before they are added to Forums
Year starts with a 3-hour kickoff meeting
> Forum Health Survey
> Longer mini-retreat to process health survey and improve direction
Private retreats: Each Forum and Moderator will pick a date and location for a 1.5-day retreat

How is Year Two Different?

You have a running start. Members know each other and the process. Forums will begin to self-direct more, and deepen their practice of leadership. Where do youwant to invest time to go deeper? The professional facilitator will focus on supporting you in customizing the experience to your specific groups needs. Want to co-moderate to practice leading exercises you can also apply in your business? Want to deepen your leadership skills in a safe space? Your professional facilitator is there to support you do just that. We’ll also introduce new exercises, particularly around the theme of bringing new leadership awareness and skills back to your teams.

New Members

The MXN KA Forum program is growing rapidly and is robust enough to give us flexibility to keep Forums at the optimal size. Most Forums will gain 1-2 new members to bring the number up to about 8. These Key Associates come from the waiting list or are sent from sponsors in the fall cohort recruiting.

 The MXN KA Forum team will carefully match candidates to existing forums, consulting with facilitators and sponsors. Forums will integrate new members during the 3-hour kickoff meeting in January. To make sure your new members integrate seamlessly, they will attend an orientation session to learn about the Forum basics before your joined 3-hour kickoff meeting in January.

 It is possible that we’ll get it wrong, so there’s a safety valve. First, existing Forum members will review suggested additions to look for issues before we invite them. After meeting one, if the Forum identifies a mismatch or conflict, we have a process to rematch that KA or return them to the waiting list.


This can happen. Please click “renew” and indicate that you want to explore this with a member of our team. Not all requests can be accommodated, and you may have to wait until another cohort starts, but we’ll try.

In most cases, yes. We have a large network of experienced Forum facilitators to draw on in the event that we need to introduce a new facilitator.

Most of the basics are the same – two hour, professionally facilitated, monthly meetings. The major difference is the running start. There will also be more opportunities for self-direction and even some member-moderation, supported and coached by the facilitator. The year starts with a 3-hour session in addition to the 3-hour mini-retreat. And there will be some new exercises introduced throughout to support where the Forum wants to take things. Conversations will deepen the Forum’s work on leadership, business and career challenges.

Gasoline and Watermelon have inflated, KA Forum did not. Pricing is the same as last year. However, in year two, retreat is not optional. A great retreat is central to your Forum experience. Forums will be able to schedule their self-organized retreats well in advance, but are asked to commit to this as a core part of the program going in. So, pricing is the same – $3600 for the year – but that bundles both the virtual meetings and the retreat upfront.

Forums will set their own dates, and do have flexibility to try to accommodate emergencies. But, unfortunately, we can’t refund fees if an emergency arises.

Fantastic! Thank you, thank you. Please write to experience@circl.es and we’ll get into it.

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