Marketing Leader

We’ve been working for years on a system which helps small groups connect deeply to help each other and their organizations grow. Our platform delivers this experience virtually and at scale. We’ve proven it with executives at Harvard Business School, a community at the Aspen Institute, global enterprises like Ahold Delhaize or Electronic Arts, and a bunch of other businesses and communities. The ideal candidate loves startup chaos, always has a lot to learn, doesn’t complain about dirty hands, weirdly likes leadership team meetings, builds great digital SAAS funnels and partnerships but dabbles in product and sales.

The Mission

To help the world connect and grow together.

The Work

To spread awareness of  The System and our mission in the world. Identify and engage with organizations and communities who want to help humans connect. 

The Role

Brand & mission

> Define and maintain the core tenets of message and style for our brand

> Evangelize our message in the world

> Hone the ways we communicate the message based on market feedback and learning

> Work with team so all experience and touchpoints reflect and reinforce our brand

> Help organize and lead the movement to shape the world in circles instead of rows

> Oversee all content creation and distribution partners (PR, agencies, writers, etc.)

Put the fun in funnel

> Hone content marketing and increase number of warm inbound leads

> Experiment, select and improve the best channels to bring in warm leads

> Create systems to measure and optimize funnel

Customer marketing

> Maintain a stream of helpful and welcome messages to nurture prospects and customers

> Work with operations so all touchpoints are welcome, helpful and on-Brand

> Run product marketing, and work closely with product and engineering on design


> Create engagement models for marketing and technology partners 

> Identify, open and maintain relationships with important partners; help them succeed

Sales Enablement

> Create materials that make it easy for our team and our partners to sell

> Work closely with bd so sales and marketing are in sync and helping each other

Member of the Leadership Circle, reporting to CEO

Skills + Qualifications

  • Demonstrated learner. Resourceful, growth mindset, comfortable with ambiguity and change.
  • 10+ years of experience marketing and start-up tech experience
  • Great at super-short messaging and engaging long-form writing; captivating storyteller 
  • Quantitative and analytical chops 
  • Experience building and managing and leading teams
  • Enjoys the technology, proficiency with the marketing stack
  • Little bit of sales experience wouldn’t hurt
  • Experience with SMB and Enterprise targets

In a world of physical distance, circles facilitate authentic human connection.

In a circle, 3-12 participants contribute equally, share openly, and push each other to act.

We spent years with academics and practitioners, honing best practices and building a technology platform. Our circles have helped scale peer learning, sustain manager and leadership development, move live training online, onboard new employees, support career development, teach collaboration, and build community.

We’ve been grateful for the support and the referrals from our large corporate partners, schools, and communities who have been hiring us to help design, facilitate and manage Circles programs.

In order to keep up with the interest in our system and technology, please help us understand your needs by answering a few questions.

Make human connections.

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