THEME: “Inside Out”: Making Your Forum Membership Count

The “What” and “Why” of a Forum Retreat:

A retreat is a facilitated, in-person Forum meeting, typically for a full day, that provides a Forum with the opportunity to connect, rejuvenate and grow. Because of the opportunity for deeper self-discovery, as well as to get better acquainted with fellow members, experienced Forum members say that a single retreat can have as much value for group growth as six or more months of regular meetings. High-value YPO Forums schedule a retreat like this every year, and we’ve adopted that practice for KA Forums.

However, given the time commitment, it is not unusual for new Forum members to hesitate before attending their first retreat. Seasoned groups, though, quickly realize the value and look forward to the intensity of the experience.


  • More information about location, arrival time and hotel will be shared by your facilitator.
  • Costs for the retreat: $850


  1. Help the Forum deepen connections & relationships via group exercises and 1-1 time.
  2. Reinforce best practices to sustain efficient and effective meetings.
  3. Add new approaches to your Forum toolkit, to keep the experience fresh.
  4. Set Career, Business, and Personal intentions for the next leg of your Forum journey.
  5. Investigate application of Forum practices in members’ leadership opportunities – both personal and professional.

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