ScaleUp Your Leadership With Circles

Your business will only grow as fast as your employees can learn.

This calls for employers and managers to shift away from the notion that ‘learning and development’ is a chore, and instead, find the more meaningful and effective tools to build their workforce into learners.

An employee who knows how to learn and adapt, is agile and relevant. They bring energy to a team and perform better.

Circles is a new idea that builds learners through exploring a learning to learn framework.

We’re running a special pilot program for attendees of the recent ScaleUp Summit in Atlanta and their colleagues. Participation is by invitation only with a focus on Team Leaders. To be considered, please fill out the invitation request below for yourself or a colleague.

Why Circles?

We learn better in circles than in rows.

It turns out that peer groups:

  • Are great for accountability
  • Get to deeper, more meaningful learning
  • Improve emotional intelligence and mindsets
  • Give each other the kind of real feedback you can’t get at work, and you explore deeper places and bigger issues.

Here’s your chance to see for yourself how small, carefully matched, guided peer groups accomplish great learning journeys together with the Circles platform.