Who is this For?

You want a taste of the formulae that are raising eyebrows in Meta, getting Glassdoor on their feet and opening hearts in DuPont?



We’ve invited you here because you’ve demonstrated interest in leading excellent small groups. Maybe you have experience with one or more “circle traditions” such as action learning, agile, YPO or EO Forum,  or Aspen Institute Fellowships., or simply developing work teams.


Whether in a professional setting or in another context, honed facilitative leadership skills augment your CV and improve executives, team leaders, people leaders, organizational coaches. 

What is Circle Leader Training?

The team at Circles has spent years studying multiple ‘circles traditions,’ resulting in a professional development journey steeped in core design and facilitation best practices. We’ve intentionally designed a technology and process to scale meaningful human connection across dispersed communities.  

You will learn alongside others, in a small group designed for authentic connection. Your cohort will share stories, overcome challenges together and unpack innovative applications for new skills in your own context. We love that the training often leads to lasting friendships.

What will you learn? (Skills)

Our Circle Leader program is one of our highest rated programs for good reason: You will find applications for your skills in both virtual, and in person contexts. Training develops the ability to:

What does the training include?

Invest, and join our mission

Circles is on a mission to serve and grow learning communities across the world. Together with leadership development pioneers like Harvard Business School, the Aspen Institute and Young Presidents Organization, we’re unlocking the power of peer learning.

We’ve taken these learnings to some of the world’s most influential companies, building out small group strategies that often start with our Circle Leader program.

Circles Leader Training is priced at $750.

About Us

About Circl.es and The Circles System

Technology has made it all too easy to create large, crowded, dehumanizing organizations. But technology can be used to return us to a simple, ancient, truth: we are at our best in small groups. When we feel safe, connected, and heard we get more engaged, creative and accountable. We bring our full selves. We can move fast, synthesize diverse views, and make better decisions. We are agile, learning and changing faster.

The Circles System is an approach, supported by services and technology, to infuse an organization with effective small groups. It enhances what you are already doing, applying social learning to developing leaders, onboarding new hires or merging companies, 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Culture work, developing functional or cross-functional teams. With a robust small group component, these fundamental HR programs become silo-busters, creating deep ties across diverse functions and locations. As more and more “Circle Leaders” become comfortable leading great small groups, in more spaces, the culture becomes more human, open, engaging, and effective. This unlocks a social learning dynamic so people continually help each other develop at a fraction of the cost of training workshops, 1:1 coaching or even licensing learning content.

                     About the Circles Leader Training design team: 


This will qualify you for consideration, there is a competitive selection process that runs several times a year, all those who get paid employment are required to have done Circle Leader training.

Yes, for 6 months.

Yes, and you will receive an invitation on completion.

All Circles programs and applications will be touched on, including design principles to design your own.

There are many similarities to other facilitation training programs, we are rooted in multiple Circles tradition, supported by our technology, but emplowers a strategy that is inclusive, non hierarchical and gives special attention to energy, timing and flow.

You will hear from us within one week, and as each cohort launches, we will provide you with the option to join, depending on your timezone and availability.

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