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Go fast alone. Go far together.

Circles guided video peer groups foster deeper conversations for impactful continued professional learning and personal growth.

The support you need to excel

Many CEOs and successful entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars to join advisory groups where their peers help them navigate challenges and enjoy the collective wisdom of the community. That’s part of why they seem so brilliant. For most professionals, that sort of support has been out of reach. Until now.

Joining a peer group can be a life changing experience. Here are some of the benefits you can expect.
A confidential forum to discuss issues you can’t comfortably share with colleagues or even family and friends
Help you to stay motivated and discover the path that you may need to take
Provide you with a wealth of knowledge and resources
Feedback from real experiences to avoid reinventing wheels
Access to diverse viewpoints about your most important challenges
Introduce you to supportive advocates of your achievements who will be there for you every step of your journey

8 carefully matched peers

A circle is a group of 8 peers who are carefully matched to pursue shared objectives, effectively forming a peer mentor group.
Philipp Schmidt
Director, Learning Innovation
MIT Media Lab
“Circles provide a very gentle sense of accountability (neither carrot nor stick). I know I won't be judged if I don't complete my goals, but that the others might genuinely be interested to hear how it went. So I want to make sure I have something to report back.”

Bi-weekly, online video meetings

The circles meetings happen online, for 60-90 minutes every other week, in our custom built meeting room.


One click access
No login or plugins needed
Equal air-time timer
To assure everyone gets to speak and benefit from equal air-time
Speaker spotlight
Your time to share? Put yourself in the middle
Prepopulated agenda
To keep everyone on track
Built-in music
Set a great mood through music
Perfect for link sharing or brief status updates

Facilitated, agenda-driven meetings

The meetings are agenda-driven and are led by a Circles trained facilitator, a guide, who eventually fades into the background as the group jells and begins to chart their own course.
A circle member will progress through the meetings, gradually releasing responsibility of learning (running meetings, circle norms, accountability for goals, being vulnerable, storytelling) from the guide, and handing it over to the members.

The Alternative Learning Process

Act: Take action to develop yourself to take care of your challenges. 

Learn: Getting better at learning. This starts with opening up and being vulnerable.

: Getting better at helping your peers by sharing authentic stories.
Jonathan Hefter
Circles Lead Guide
Each meeting is lead by a Circles certified facilitator. We call them guides. They lead the first four meetings and teach the participants how to run a meeting. They eventually fade into the background as the participants lead the meetings themselves.