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Why did we start Circles?

Dan Hoffman
A word from our founder

Let me share with you why I started Circles. Enjoy this short video.


Video transcript:

"I'm Dan Hoffman. Let me tell you the story of why I founded Circles; personal advisory boards for deeper conversations. I built a company called M5 Networks to 250 people, then took a break with my family in Barcelona to think about what I wanted to do next. I assembled a team of advisors in the learning space -neuroscientists, learning scientists- and we surveyed the landscape. But, then I had this insight. The tool that had been most important for me in learning to be a leader were peer circles. When I was in Young Presidents' Organization, a circle helped me figure out how to show up as a leader at work while my father was dying. The biggest professional decision of my life was whether or not to sell my company, and again I had a circle here to push me to the right answer. Then later on I was chosen for the Henry Crown Fellowship by The Aspen Institute which was a circle of amazing leaders that helped me negotiate this career transformation.

"I brought the idea back to the advisory group who got excited. Peer advisors for deeper conversations is something available to top leaders and it's expensive. What if we built a platform to create this for the rest of the world? Our tests have been amazing. I'm super excited and grateful to those of you that are ready to join us on this adventure as we build out Circles, a platform for personal advisory boards, having deeper conversations to foster true connection and learning in the world."

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