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The Circles Video Meeting Room is a custom built video meeting platform which has been created to facilitate the best possible meeting experience. Here is a video demo from the team at Circles that shows how it works.


We are continually developing new features to help you have the best meeting experience. Here are some of the current features:

  • Easy and quick access - one click and you are in, no plugins or downloads required.
  • Spotlight any member - your time to talk? Put yourself in the middle of the circle, right in the spotlight.
  • Anyone can lead the meeting - all the features of the meeting room are available to all members so that the group can be completely self-facilitated and lead their own meetings.
  • Music for setting the tone - the meeting room has music built in. Want to start the meeting with a lot of energy? Or perhaps have a moment of thinking time? Our meeting room comes with music to help you create a good atmosphere and make the most out of your meeting.
  • Equal air-time timer - one of the key blockers to great meetings is someone hogging the mic. To foster equal air-time our meeting room has a timer built in. It starts automatically when someone is in the spotlight. You can also start and stop the timer manually. Crucial when time is needed to think through what you are going to share. Make those seconds count.
  • Meeting agenda - anyone can create, edit and share the meeting agenda with the team. The agenda is always visible on the right side of the screen. It can also be pre-scheduled before the meetings to save time. At Circles we use this feature to run agenda-driven meetings and to assure that all circles are following the latest version of our meeting methodology.
  • Chat - the meeting room has a basic chat feature that allows for members to communicate through text messages. Perfect for sharing links or a basic status report.
  • Mute - each member can mute themselves, and anyone else. Only the person muted can unmute themselves. Ideal for when there is distracting background noise, as well as for paying full attention to whoever is in the spotlight at the time.  

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