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The Circles Methodology

Circles’ online Peer Advisory Boards operate on the three guiding principles described below. These are the foundation of what makes a circle click, leading to a trusted community of growth and learning.

The Alternative Learning Process

We learn better in circles than in rows. Traditional forms of teaching have had us sitting by, passively, from a young age. We can learn to learn better though. We can also improve our teaching skills (help our peers by sharing authentic stories, not advice) and our capacity to take action and improve.

Learning is a skill that you can get better at. When you do, it has an exponential impact on your life. Challenges that previously seemed insurmountable can be reassessed and viewed in a new light.


Joining a circle teaches us to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. Being vulnerable and opening up is the first step towards powerful learning and growth. This may mean discarding notions you have become comfortable with. That, precisely, is the problem. Being too comfortable doesn’t allow us to grow.

Instead of putting on a face and choosing not to share what’s really challenging us, we can excel by letting others in. Circles runs a tested methodology that creates the safe space needed for open sharing, and constructive storytelling.

Growth Mindset

Being open and vulnerable isn’t just about telling your story. Listening to others’ and accepting the input of your peers is a big part of the growth mindset, a core concept of Circles and something that is introduced to learners early on in their journey.

To address a problem you have to voice it. Every circle is a chance to grow. As we meet new people, break our habits, and learn new skills, our brain is reacting, changing, and learning accordingly. The Circles matching system is there to ensure you do so in an environment aimed at supporting the growth you are after.


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