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The Circles experience

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New technology meets old school technology

The Circles experience merges our purpose built meeting room with a dynamic meeting methodology to get at our most human issues. The technology acts as aid to our guides who know how to run extraordinary meetings that go beyond the BS and surface the really important issues. This meeting experience helps people learn faster and get the support and encouragement they need to grow and to solve personal and professional challenges.

It is when all of these combine that a truly extraordinary meeting experience is created, one which supports our vision of bringing guided peer groups to everyone.

“Technology alone is not enough… it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with humanities, that yield the results that make our hearts sing.” – Steve Jobs 

While we are more connected than ever, there is a huge need for deeper and more meaningful conversations. These conversations can be focused on solving work issues as well as attending to our personal needs. The goal is to help and to get help from others that are facing the same issues and challenges. We are building the systems, the technology and the core processes to make that happen on a large scale.

We are innovating how to run better meetings, including product features such as pre-populated meetings agendas, sharing techniques such as conversation starters and icebreakers as well as challenging exploration methods to get people that have never met before to connect and go deep within minutes of meeting for the first time.

Our core technology, the Circles Video Meeting Room has a number of great features for facilitating better meetings already built in, and many more underway. Clever features that are already in use include a timer to avoid mic hogging and to foster equal air-time and sharing, built-in music to set the mood or run a contemplative thinking session and a spotlight function to allow the person sharing to get proper attention.


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The Circles Experience

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