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Circles Essentials

The application process

Circles team
The Circles application form

1. Review the existing circles that we are running

If you can’t find one that suits you you can request that we create one for your specific profile. See a list here.

2. Apply to join

a) Accept the Circles norms:

  • Show up on time, every time
  • Keep conversations confidential
  • Contribute to the conversation

b) Fill out our confidential application and share with us who you are, your background and your current challenges.

c) Complete a 60 second technology test to confirm your desktop computer can access our meeting room without any issues.

3. Applications are reviewed

We look to match you with peers that are facing similar challenges and that are in a similar professional and life stage as you.

4. Get invited to join

Once we can confirm we have a seat for you in one of the circles you will get an email. You will then be required to confirm your seat.

At this stage we will also collect your payment information and collect the deposit that guarantees your seat.

5. Start your circle

a) Join your first meeting in our custom built video meeting room

Each circle has their own unique meeting room using the custom developed Circles Meeting Room technology, which is built to facilitate deeper and more impactful conversations.

b) Meetings are 75-90 minutes

The first four meetings are led by a Circles trained facilitator, a guide. They will teach you how to run the meetings so that the group eventually  becomes self-facilitated.

Each meeting has a pre-set meeting agenda developed by the Circles team to assure that the conversations go beyond the BS and surface the important issues. The agenda evolves to suit the group’s needs.

c) Join a private chat space to keep the conversation going in-between meetings

Every circle has a private Slack chat room that helps keep the conversation going in-between meetings.

d) Continue meeting every two weeks

The first phase of a circle is 16 weeks long, with a total of 8 meetings.

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