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How much does it cost to join a circle?

Circles team
Different circles, different costs


The membership fee of joining a circle will depend on the circle you are looking to join. Please note that some circles are financed together with our partners while others are paid for by the members directly.

As an example we run a circle for entrepreneurs. The monthly membership fee is $80 per month. That includes:

  • Sourcing and matching of seven like-minded peers.
  • Scheduling and coordination of the first 8 meetings.
  • A dedicated Circles video meeting room.
  • 6 hours of guided facilitation by a Circles trained guide during the first 4 meetings.
  • Thereafter, 90 minutes of guided facilitation every two months.
  • Continued support from the guide and the Circles team.
  • Personalized attention to address issues and needs where the Circles team can assist, with content or expert advice from our advisory board.


 To assure you get the most out of your circle, we request that you commit to a minimum of the first 8 meetings over 16 weeks.

Payment & Deposit

Once you join a paid circle you will be required to leave a deposit, equal to the second month’s fee, to guarantee your seat. As you continue your circle the deposit will be used as payment for your second month. We will then continue to bill your credit card in the beginning of each month for as long as your membership is active.

Cancellation and Refunds

Should you wish to cancel your membership after meeting one or two we will refund the full deposit. Please note that if you do not show up to meeting one and two you will loose the full deposit.

After the first two meetings you may cancel your membership at any point. If you are not happy with your experience we will always offer a refund of your last monthly payment.


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