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How does a circle work?

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The nuts & bolts of a circle...

A circle is a carefully matched group of peers that become your own personal advisory board. It gives you the support and encouragement you need to succeed by providing a confidential and trusted space for honest and deep conversations. In this space, you will be able to work through problems, practice new skills, get constructive feedback, and enjoy the support of people who understand your opportunities and challenges.

Circle meetings take place in our custom built online video meeting room, every two weeks for 60-90 minutes. The first meetings are facilitated by a Circles trained guide that helps the group connect and surface the really important challenges. 

Here is a short video we put together with the Circles team showing you the basics of how the meeting room works:


The nuts & bolts 

  • We match you with 7 other like-minded peers to grow stronger together.
  • You meet online once every two weeks for 90 minutes in a purpose built video room.
  • Assignment of rules and norms that make the meetings both structured and impactful.
  • Engage in deep and meaningful conversations that help solve problems without having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Continue to connect between meetings through a private online forum.
  • Share and continually refine individual challenges within the group.
  • Maintain confidentiality to encourage deep meaningful conversations.

This is what you get when you join a circle

  1. We source and match you with seven like-minded peers.
  2. We deal with the scheduling and coordination of the first 8 meetings.
  3. We set you up with a dedicated Circles video meeting room where your circle will meet for 90 minutes every two weeks.
  4. The first 4 meetings will have a total of 6 hours of guided facilitation by a Circles trained guide.
  5. The guide continues to be present and jump back in to offer 90 minutes of guided facilitation every two months.
  6. You will have  continued support from the guide and the Circles team during the entire lifecycle of your circle.
  7. The Circles team offers personalized attention to address issues and needs that arise in the circle through sourcing and sharing useful content and expert advice from our advisors.
The original design for our meeting room

The best possible personal and professional growth experience

We are building automation for three core processes that will facilitate the best possible growth experience:

Matchmaking - we connect you with the right people

Matchmaking is key to creating a circle that is likely to stay together for a long time. Our scientifically tested matching technique is the basis of getting this right.

An extraordinary meeting space - to have the best possible meeting experience

None of the existing video meeting platforms were built to facilitate great meetings. So we built our own. The Circles Video Meeting Room is custom created to make sure every meeting can be a great one. 

Some of the features included are a built in timer to assure equal air time, pre-populated meeting agendas to save time and a unique spotlight feature that puts the focus on the current speaker. 

A meeting methodology to go beyond the BS - to bring the right issues to the surface and go deep

 We have developed our own unique meeting methodology with the goal of making every meeting truly valuable.

The initial meetings are led by a Circles trained facilitator, that teaches the members how to run great meetings, how to go beyond the BS and surface the issues that really matter. They eventually fade into the background as the group bonds.

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