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Are you our next guide?

Jonathan Hefter

Who are we?

We are Circles, an education and leadership development tech startup based in New York City. We have been developing and testing an online platform that allows individuals to learn and grow together in what we call “guided peer groups”. There is a ton of information on our website at  about what we are creating and why. The current website was created to communicate with advisors pre-launch. We are updating the site over the next few weeks.

What’s the opportunity?

We are looking for individuals to join our team as Guides as we bring our next wave of guided peer groups (aka ‘circles’) to life. As we grow, there are opportunities for full or part-time staff positions for the right candidate. You will facilitate 60-90-minute online meetings that take place every two weeks. And you’ll provide the encouragement, set the mood and create the environment for learners to embark on self-directed learning journeys. Each guide will facilitate 1-5 circles. The overall time commitment is approximately 2 hours per circle per week.

What’s a Guide?

Circles guides lead from the side, not the front of a group. They need not be subject matter experts – they focus on the art of learning. The skills one develops as a Circles guide are valuable to any aspiring educator, manager, coach, or parent.

A Circles guide is someone who identifies with being a lifelong learner. They have a warm and likable personality, and a curiosity for what makes people tick. A Circles guide has a strong presence, but they do not use it to command attention or power. Instead, they use their presence to empower the learners in a circle and create an environment for them to feel comfortable and explore.

This is an Independent Contractor opportunity.

What are we looking for?

Our Guides have a broad skillset, but need not be subject matter experts in any particular area. Their core efficiencies include:

  • Experience with group dynamics - whether through teaching, coaching, facilitating, or managing a team. Ideally, this includes a strong understanding of peer forums and their processes. 
  • Comfortable with being uncomfortable, and being around others who may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. ●  Familiarity with technology, the online world, and being connected and available on a daily basis. 

Our ideal Guide... 

  • Listens well
  • Asks questions
  • Shares personal stories and anecdotes (i.e. be vulnerable)
  • Gives examples of learning
  • Shows empathy
  • Has experience with groups and group dynamics - sensing and responding
  • Is comfortable running the mechanics a meeting’s technology
  • Believes in our guiding principal: “We learn better in circles than in rows”

Sound like you? Take 5 minutes to complete our initial survey  HERE .

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