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You are here because you are an entrepreneur and you're interested in working with other business owners so that you can grow both personally and professionally. If we’ve understood correctly, you are a good candidate for Circles:

  • You are a motivated, self-starting entrepreneur running an established business
  • You are a learner, always looking for ways to do things better
  • Running your business means problem solving, making decisions and learning-by-doing on a daily basis
  • Being a boss and a human being at the same time is not always easy
  • It can be challenging to balance your life outside of work with your role at work
  • You think it would be helpful to connect with others that have experience with the same challenges

Who will you peers be?

Once you’ve applied to Circles we’ll carefully match you with a diverse group of peers to pursue shared challenges. This group becomes your Circle. Each Circle is unique and is guided to initiate and develop conversations, encourage participation and facilitate learning.

Why should you join?

  • Trying to solve problems you know others have solved before?
  • Know you need to learn fast but not sure how to do it?
  • Wish you had some high-quality peers you could tap for advice?
  • Lacking different perspectives when making big decisions?
  • Suspect there’s not enough depth and honesty in your interactions with your team?

More circles that are open for application

Community Leaders
Personal and professional support as you try to balance all the stakeholders inside and outside of your organization
Two Sigma Ventures
Go deep with other CEOs in the TwoSigma network
Teal Leaders
Navigate the complex worlds of building an organization like few have before
Future Female Product Leaders
The support you need to grow as a product manager
In The House
Giving in-house lawyers a “personal board of directors”
B Corp Leaders
Linking up B Corp Community Leaders To Strenghten The Mission
B Corp Champions
For those of us championing the B Corp mission inside our companies
Growth Hacker
Video peer advisory space where we can go deep and discuss real challenges with like-minded Growth Hackers.